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August 15, 2014

Netflix Genre List (by agid)

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This is completely irrelevant to motion design, After Effects, expressions and scripts, as a disclaimer.

Recently, while working at home, I’ve been going through a lot of Netflix. I usually keep media playing all day while I work, as a type of focused white noise. As part of this, I’ve been watching a tonne of food-related media. Fiction, non-fiction, historial fiction, documentaries – as long as it’s about food, cuisine and/or cooking, I want to watch it.

Now, Netflix has this great system of dynamic tags, in which they come up with very specific genres as “Goofy Crime Action & Adventure from the 1980s” or “Gritty Slice of Life Social & Cultural Documentaries.” Despite having tens of thousands of these categories, you’re at the whim of their algorithm on whether you’ll ever see these, even if they have the exact category to fit your crazily niche desires.

A quick search online reveals quite a few different options for scripts that scrape a list of Netflix genres, however despite their apparent popularity I was unable to actually find a list of the results anywhere; this led me to running one of these scripts, and preparing a very long, very full spreadsheet of this data.

The way this works is you’ll want to sign into Netflix, and either click on a category header from your home page (ie ‘Comedies’), and note the number at the end of your URL, following “?agid=”. This is the genre ID, and this is what you’ll need to replace to get directly to the categories in the sheet linked below.

The spreadsheet has one page of genres from 0-100,000 (it seems there’s nothing higher than that), with the agid (Netflix’s unique genre ID), genre title, and item count (in Canadian Netflix). The second page is the same data, but sorted alphabetically as opposed to by ID, and the third is alphabetically sorted with all the blank categories removed.

So– after running the script for a few days and compiling this list, I was finally able to see a whole slew of new food-related content, and further I can now go and cherry pick anything I’d like. Curious for cult films? There are 956 categories with ‘cult’ in the title. A fan of fantasy? 1312 for ya. Explore, my filmic friends, there is a wide (Netflix) world out there.

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  1. Scott Edwards • March 2, 2015

    Love your list - any chance of updating it or sharing the script you ran? Thanks! Scott Reply

    • zack • March 2, 2015


      The script was from here:

      but no longer works as-is, due to a change on Netflix's side.

      Z Reply

  2. Adolfo • May 22, 2015

    THANK YOU sooooooooooooo much! Do you have an updated one?? Reply

    • zack • May 23, 2015

      See my other comment-- Netflix no longer allows this kind of tool to run, so the list can't be updated! Reply

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