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I focus on toolkitting, building custom studio pipelines, expression rigging projects, and creating data-driven animation workflows.

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Trim Comp to Contents

Trim or extend comp duration to fit layer contents.

This script trims or lengthens your current comp duration to the in & out points of its contents, without affecting layer timing relative to one another.

If you have layers extending past the beginning or end of your composition, the script will extend the comp to fit them as well.

By default, the script will trim to all layers in your comp (including locked layers), though there are options to change functionality.

Trim to All
Trim to all layers (if checked) or selected layers (if unchecked)
Ignore Locked Layers
Consider locked layers for trimming, or leave them out of the logic
Preserve Comp Start Time
If comp doesn’t start at 0, should the script preserve the start point?

Headless Version

Also included in the zip is a “headless”/noUI version — standard users should only be concerned with installing the file main to their ScriptUI folder, which will give you a dockable panel.

However, if you use something like ft-toolbar or Script Launcher, you may want to be able to run the script directly without fiddling with the UI panel. That’s where the headless version comes in.

In the “Headless” folder there is a script file that will execute the script (and centre the anchor point) immediately without any UI panel popup. By holding down certain modifier keys while launching the script, you can alter functionality.

Headless Options
Use selected layers only (vs all)
Ignore locked layers
Preserve comp start time

Combine any of the above to mix effects.

Originally requested by Alan Fregtman.

Project Details

CLIENT : aescripts + aeplugins

DATE : May 2, 2013

TAGS : Commercial Scripts