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Project Item Labels

Set all / specified project item label colours per item type.

This script sets the label colour for all selected items as specified. If a folder is in the selection, the script will recursively search through and find all items within that folder.

Useful for when importing existing projects/AEPs, to set the label colour in one fell swoop for all imported objects.

So– select some items (or an imported project folder) in your project panel, select the item types you wish to colour & a target colour, then hit the button and it’ll do all the magic for ya.

Choose what item types to colour in your project panel.
Selecting ‘all’ will colour everything selected / everything in the folders.
Choose the label colour to set
N.B. If you have custom-set label colours, they won’t be reflected in this list. However, the label WILL update with your appropriate colour. This is a limitation on how label colours are saved in the AE prefs file; if it gets fixed, I’ll update the script with a dynamic list of label names

Originally requested by Ronald Molina.

Project Details

CLIENT : aescripts + aeplugins

DATE : May 21, 2013

TAGS : Commercial Scripts