Zack Lovatt

I focus on toolkitting, building custom studio pipelines, expression rigging projects, and creating data-driven animation workflows.

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Easy management of layer label colours!

Colour Each Layer  Colour Each Layer

Assigns each layer a different label colour. When you’ve run out of labels, it repeats them!

Colour by Parent Chain  Colour by Parent Chain

Assign the same colour to all layers in the same chain.

Colour by Layer Type  Colour by Layer Type

Assign the same colour to all layers of the same type.

Colour by Prefix  Colour by Prefix

Assign the same label to all colours that share a prefix. You can set the delimiter in the options.

Options  Options

Here is where you set your Active Labels, Banked Labels and Delimiter for prefix use. Note that if you’ve customized your label names or colours, your changes won’t be reflected here but the results will work as expected.


Headless Version

Standard users should only be concerned with installing the file main to their ScriptUI folder, which will give you a dockable toolbar. However, if you use something like ft-toolbar2 or Quick Menu, you may want to be able to use our buttons directly without the real estate that yet another panel provides.

To this end, we’ve included a separate file for each button that you can run directly via your script launcher.

To open the options, hold ‘ctrl’ or ‘cmd’ when launching the script.

Project Details

CLIENT : aescripts + aeplugins

DATE : May 21, 2017

TAGS : Commercial Scripts