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I focus on toolkitting, building custom studio pipelines, expression rigging projects, and creating data-driven animation workflows.

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Create Pivotal Null

Quickly create a null at key layer points & parent layer to null.

Create Pivotal Null was made to help make your rigging happen much smoother, much faster. You know how you’re always making controller/helper nulls, then fighting through trying to get them lined up just so with one of your layer edges/corners? Yeah, me too.

This simplifies the process by giving you an easy-to-use panel where you can simply choose where to put the null, hit the button and BAM, it does all the work for ya.

Have multiple layers selected? Not a problem! The script will run through each layer and create a null at that point for each layer.

Choose where on your layer to create the controller null
Note that this works on layer bounds, not visible pixels! Masks & alpha aren’t factored in
Parent to Null
Whether to parent the layer to the created null or not. You usually want this on
X/Y/Z Offset
Amount to offset null from pivot point

Originally requested by Jayse Hansen.

Project Details

CLIENT : aescripts + aeplugins

DATE : May 9, 2013

TAGS : Commercial Scripts