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August 3, 2015

Preset: Point on a Circle

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In a throwback to Points Along A Line from several years back, here’s a quick expression for ya– “Point on a Circle.” Straightforward, yeah? Yeah.

offsetAmount = [0, 0];
circleRadius = 100;
targetAngle = 0;

x = offsetAmount[0] + circleRadius * Math.cos(targetAngle);
y = offsetAmount[1] + circleRadius * Math.sin(targetAngle);
[x, y]

The first three lines are just setting up the circle & any offset; how big is it, and where on the circle do we want the point to be? In the preset, these will be linked to controllers so you can pick a layer to orbit around, and easily control the angle & radius.

This is super simple– preset download below (CS6+).
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  1. kamran khan • July 17, 2019

    Hey Zack,

    Thanks for creating amazing stuff and sharing.
    For some reason the download link is not working. Reply

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