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June 28, 2012

Download: Intro to Expressions (AETO Recap)

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Hey all!

Last night I spoke at AETO, giving a primer on expressions and how they can be used to aid and enhance your workflow.

I’m putting up the AEP I (had intended to have) used to work through the talk last night here, so that you can read through it at your own pace and, more importantly, play with these things yourself to see the different results you can get.

As ever, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to get in touch!

00 – Intro
Note that the Source Text field on the title is pulling from the comp name.
01 – Basics
“Original” has keyframes on position, rotation and opacity;
“Target” is grabbing Original‘s rotation & opacity
02 – Automation
Automatic animation!
“Sin/Time” is waving back and forth using the Math.sin() function, which creates a sin wave, and being passed time as a parameter so that the generated sin wave continues to move
“Wiggle” is generating random movement based on the parameters; 1 time per second, 100 units either direction.
03 – Hybrid
“Position & Wiggle Box” is using modified preexisting keyframes; with the expression disabled, the box follows the keyframed animation exactly. Enabled, it still follows the animation though adds in the random motion.
04 – Looping
“Cycle Box” will loop the animation indefinitely, after the last keyframe.
“Continue Box” will continue the animation at a constant velocity
“Pingpong Box” will pingpong the animation indefinitely.
05 – Information
The text fields at the right are pulling their info from the properties of the box.
06 – Effects
Same as the earlier wiggle, except this is being applied to properties within an effect.
07 – Crossover
The rotation of the “Original” box is driving the opacity of the “Target” box.
08 – Linking
Here, a “Helper” null is being used to control the properties of all of the linked boxes. If you change the Colour, Angle or Slider controls in the helper, the values of the linked boxes will update to reflect this.
09 – Interpolation
Automated ways to animate values, demonstrating linear/ease in/ease out/easy ease.
10 – Reference
Similar to 05 – Information, the text fields here are pulling data– but from the entire comp and project this time, not just the target box.

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