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July 21, 2016

Download: Per-Version AE Icons for Windows

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Because I write scripts, I keep a whole bunch of different versions of After Effects installed. This can get a little unwieldy, considering the icons don’t change much between versions!

With this in mind, I quickly whipped up some alternate AE icons for Windows (I don’t know much about icons on MacOS, so no idea what size/formats are needed, sorry!). They’re fairly pixely, just trying to keep the same dimensions and form factor of the existing.

In the zip, there are two versions– one 128×128, and the other 144×144. You’ll likely only really want/need the 128×128, however: on my hidpi laptop, I need to use the 144×144 else the 128×128 icons scale poorly. I’ve included the PSD for both sizes, as well as pngs & ico files for you to do whatever with. Enjoy!



To change these in your task bar:

To change these in your start menu:

2016/11/03: Updated with icons for CC17!

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