Zack Lovatt | 2d Technical Director

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Kind Words & General Praise

“Zack is an extremely resourceful, efficient, organized and brilliant motion designer. Besides of being good at animation and generalist motion design, he has a wonderful sense for overseeing projects and a taste for quality. On top of that, his skills in coding and programming are helping in many ways, everyday. Every studio needs a Zack!”

Gabriel Grenier

Creative Director + Partner at SHED

“Zack created some custom After Effects tools to speed up our workflow. He nailed it perfectly, and was a pleasure to work with. He’s our new secret weapon! Highly recommended.”

Ben Pohl


“Zack is my go-to resource for after-effects and graphics work. He’s highly skilled, extremely professional, and never misses a deadline. A pleasure to work with.”

Bryan Friedman

Co-Founder, Rithm & MavenSay

“Zack’s motion graphics skills coupled with his complete understanding of onset playback reality were key to the success of White House Down.

He is swift, agile, and extremely efficient which makes him a work horse turning over iterations after iterations.

From smartphones to video walls: His gorgeous and functional motion graphics where astonishing on every device.

A big plus, he is enjoyable to collaborate with, which is not to be taken lightly especially when you go thru a six days week / +twelve hours a day production schedule.

I highly recommend Zack and I will hire him again in the future.”

Sebastien Dostie

VFX Supervisor at Mokko Studio